Relaxation 101 Workshop


“90% of all doctor’s visits can be traced back to one primary cause – stress.” – Bruce H. Lipton.

As our fast paced, high-tech world continues to grow like never before in history, the need to relax is no longer a luxury, an indulgence, or something we can keep putting off until tomorrow. Managing stress is a life skill we all need to learn if we want to live a happy, peaceful, and meaningful life. In fact, it’s just as important as the need to exercise and eat well.

The antidote to stress = relaxation. But what does it really mean to relax? And how can we fit in time to relax when we’re so busy with work, family, and a never ending to do list?

Relaxation 101 is a free, introductory workshop designed to teach you the main cause of stress (and no, it’s not work or traffic), how to deal with it effectively, and the secrets of relaxation in our modern world. Workshop also includes a series of no-mat-required stretching techniques for common aches and pains that can be easily done anywhere, and ends with a Q&A session. 

Next workshop: Monday, Dec 12th @ 6pm

@ CIC Miami 1951 NW 7th Ave, 33136


To schedule a workshop at your office, studio, or home send an email to info (at) priscillacarolyn (dot) com, or click here.