I’ve been to both psychologists and psychiatrists before to deal with things like stress, confusion, and overall emotional health. While they’re somewhat helpful - no one has ever compared to this woman. Make an appointment - you won’t regret it! #sharethewisdom
— Julie K

I always felt like there was something missing, I couldn’t really put it into words but it was something that I felt. I tried reaching out in different forms, hoping that in the process I could find what would make me whole.

I tried personal trainers and worked myself to exhaustion. Tried talking to family and friends, but felt like everyone’s journey is individual and I was afraid to truly express myself. I interviewed a couple of psychologists and therapists, but felt it was very textbook and honestly felt afraid to express my real feelings and true self without being judged.

Then I came across Priscilla. I believe everything happens for a reason, and people come in your life for a reason. No coincidences. Instantly, I felt at ease. She is so easy to talk to and I love that she is able to connect and guide the conversation based on the energies she receives. Every session has taken me to a journey of self discovery and most importantly self acceptance. This has truly been the hardest form of personal growth, and at the same time the most healing.

No gym, beautician or doctor can create such awareness. It’s frightening, and I think I finally understand the reason why people are so afraid to look within; it’s not easy, but in all honesty it’s the lessons of self-awareness and self-love that are the most rewarding. I have learned a lot, and I’m still learning.

Priscilla has been my mentor. Through her lessons, I have become more in tuned with myself. Though at times I fall back to auto pilot, I am now more aware of it. I still have lots of growing to do. But as she taught me, I’m perfectly imperfect!

Thank you for being so understanding and always following up. For understanding me and accepting me for me and teaching me about me. Her approach is different and one of a kind. I’m learning to be happy and enjoy every moment. How to be curious and connect with my inner child. I’m learning how to take breaks and breathe. My darling I’m learning me, myself and I. I am so grateful.
— Jeymi

For anyone who has wandered onto this site, you’re probably in need of something to help you with your Life and it’s complexity and it’s heaviness. Priscilla just so happens to be a Wizard (not the white bearded kind) and believe it or not, what you need now is Magic. She’s Magical!
— George M

For almost 3 decades, I have suffered from ME/CFS, a debilitating chronic illness that has left me bedridden for over 20 years. I have been to so many doctors and specialists over the years, ranging from modern medicine to all sorts of natural alternatives. I even worked with a psychologist and psychiatrist for nearly 10 years.

None of it seemed to help. I had lost all hope. The only things that were helping, was yoga with a private instructor, and massages with Priscilla when I had enough energy. Those two women were different than all the other professionals trying to “cure” me. I felt an invisible string from my heart to theirs, every time I saw you both.

When Priscilla asked if I would like to be one of her first coaching clients, I happily agreed. She was always so kind, warm, and joyful. Unlike any of the doctors or specialists I had worked with. With her, I always feel that I have a sincere friend in my corner that helps both my body and mind.

Whenever I express an issue, she finds a way to comfort me and challenge me as well. For the first time ever, I accept myself as I am. I am learning to love this bedridden body of mine, and I can even experience joy! Once I regained hope, accepted, and forgave myself, suddenly, I could see the light at the end of my long, dark tunnel. Doctors who better understood me appeared. I have the energy and resiliency to fill out the complicated forms, learn yet another new diet, and really heal my body. With Priscilla’s work, we’re healing my heart.

Through our coaching sessions, I have to come to trust my own intuition over what doctors tell me. I have learned to let go of worry, guilt, and grief. And when I fall back into old habits, like worrying too much about my husband, my children, or getting upset at what my sisters said, I can catch myself and use the “tools” and “medicines” I learned from her. Breathe. Smudge. Do whatever I have to do to come back to the present, and feel calm.

Thank you for always reminding me, that I am my own best doctor, and my own Guru!
— Freed <3

I am very grateful for the existence of the one and only Priscilla Carolyn. When it comes to calming the nerves, and gaining a more pure point of view, look no further than her. She is a fantastic Relaxation Coach, and any stressed soul could benefit from working with her.
— Marcos G

At the age of 21, I was in an unfortunate accident that broke my left collar bone so bad that I needed to have a surgery to insert pins and a titanium plate in order to repair the damage. My recovery was speedy, and I always joke with friends and family that I am like the Wolverine, fast-healing with a titanium skeleton to match. Jokes aside, the scarring along the wound has always been a source of extreme discomfort and often times pain. It inhibited my ability to exercise and even sleep properly, causing a tightness in the left side of my chest, my left shoulder, and neck.

This pain has plagued me for over a decade, and I believed it was just something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. Massage therapy provided temporary relief; I also found brief alleviation with yoga stretches, chiropractic care, and bouts in saunas and steam rooms. Though, without constant treatment, the pain would often creep back in a few days. Then my massage therapist, Priscilla Carolyn, asked me to try a new therapy called MPS. At first I found the process intimidating. I didn’t like the idea of electric pulse anything, but I trusted her and I am thankful I did. Even after the very first treatment, I felt not only a lasting relief of pain, but also a rejuvenation of feeling in my skin around the old wound that I hadn’t ever experienced previously with other forms of treatment and therapy. After 5 treatments, I now feel like I’ve got my shoulder back. I’m able to exercise without abnormal tightness and pain flaring up. I have much more feeling in the scar tissue and surrounding area than I’ve had for over a decade since the injury. I finally feel like the injury is healed!

Maintenance is still important. I have to stretch consistently before and after exercise, otherwise I feel a slight soreness in my shoulder and neck, but nothing compared to the pain I felt before MPS therapy. Also, spot MPS treatments and occasional massage to the area help with this maintenance. Overall, I feel like MPS therapy has drastically improved my quality of life by rejuvenating my shoulder the closest it has been to 100% since before my injury. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from pain from scar tissue and muscular injury of all types.
— J.D. Kane