Developed at the beginning of this century by Dr. Fa Shong, MPS Therapy is by far the most effective tool/technique I have seen or used for alleviating pain. Plus, the way it treats and rehabilitates scars is nothing short of amazing!

Since 2009, when I began studying massage and alternative medicine, I have learned many different types of alternative and traditional techniques for treating pain (including neuro-muscular therapy, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy, and BodyTalk to name a few), but nothing for scars. Painful scars could benefit from some cross friction therapy, but it's very painful and clients response is typically, "ok", at best.

This is why MPS Therapy is also known as the Ultimate Pain Treatment. It's a combination of acupuncture and electro-stimulation using a direct current delivery system. This is important because many other electro-stimulation devices (like the TENS machine) use alternating current, which is not nearly as effective. 

Using the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, and the modern advances of micro-point stimulation (MPS), clients experience up to 80% improvement from just one treatment. 

The magical zapping tool!

The magical zapping tool!

restores balance creating homeostasis

restores balance creating homeostasis


Treatment options and prices

  • Single session (30-45 min) - $60, includes initial consultation
  • 5 sessions treatment plan (30 min each) - $250

For in-home service, additional charges may apply based on distance/ commute.

Testimonials from past clients

I’ve always been open to alternative therapies, having had much success with acupuncture for nearly 30 years.

When Priscilla told me a little about the MPS method, I had been suffering with horrific nerve pain due to a herniated disc, which is bulging onto a nerve root. I was on pain meds around the clock as well as a muscle relaxer at bedtime and in between, alternating cold packs with the heating pad.

Without warning, sometimes my left leg would spasm and I would freak out totally. It was so discouraging to be in this condition just a year and a half after back surgery. My situation made me very sad and depressed.

Was this it? Did I lose my independence completely?

The limitations imposed because of this condition seemed impossible to accept. My doctors weren’t very understanding and I felt as if they had no patience for me. I got the impression that at 71, I was supposed to expect my body to fall apart and my life to drastically change. My PCP even suggested that I see a psychiatrist or a psychologist to help me accept the inevitable.

I’m not one to give up......ever........and so I accepted Priscilla’s invitation.

After the second MPS treatment, I felt tremendous relief. The burning pain stopped and I could go hours without taking prescription drugs and just a couple of ADVIL when necessary. As long as I didn’t overdue it, I was able to drive, go to the supermarket and do light housekeeping. I began to adapt to my circumstances and make some adjustments in my activities of daily living.

The sun was shining again and I was very optimistic about the future.

Today was my third treatment. It went very well and was as good as the second. The opportunity to test it came when we were stuck in traffic and it took over 2 hours to drive home. I was concerned about how my leg would react and if it would spasm. I made it home without incident. However, I did start to feel some nerve pain after awhile and so I took a hot shower and 2 ADVIL. Afterwards, I sat down at my PC to write this testimonial with an ice pack under my left hip/buttock. I no longer feel any pain in that area. I know in my gut that this MPS treatment works.

With Priscilla’s kindness, skill and deep compassion, we will change poison into medicine. I am optimistic about the future and excited to move forward with my life.

Thank you Priscilla Carolyn.
— Marilyn Kane

At the age of 21, I was in an unfortunate accident that broke my left collar bone so bad that I needed to have a surgery to insert pins and a titanium plate in order to repair the damage. My recovery was speedy, and I always joke with friends and family that I am like the Wolverine, fast-healing with a titanium skeleton to match. Jokes aside, the scarring along the wound has always been a source of extreme discomfort and often times pain. It inhibited my ability to exercise and even sleep properly, causing a tightness in the left side of my chest, my left shoulder, and neck.

This pain has plagued me for over a decade, and I believed it was just something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life. Massage therapy provided temporary relief; I also found brief alleviation with yoga stretches, chiropractic care, and bouts in saunas and steam rooms. Though, without constant treatment, the pain would often creep back in a few days. Then my massage therapist, Priscilla Carolyn, asked me to try a new therapy called MPS. At first I found the process intimidating. I didn’t like the idea of electric pulse anything, but I trusted her and I am thankful I did. Even after the very first treatment, I felt not only a lasting relief of pain, but also a rejuvenation of feeling in my skin around the old wound that I hadn’t ever experienced previously with other forms of treatment and therapy. After 5 treatments, I now feel like I’ve got my shoulder back. I’m able to exercise without abnormal tightness and pain flaring up. I have much more feeling in the scar tissue and surrounding area than I’ve had for over a decade since the injury. I finally feel like the injury is healed!

Maintenance is still important. I have to stretch consistently before and after exercise, otherwise I feel a slight soreness in my shoulder and neck, but nothing compared to the pain I felt before MPS therapy. Also, spot MPS treatments and occasional massage to the area help with this maintenance. Overall, I feel like MPS therapy has drastically improved my quality of life by rejuvenating my shoulder the closest it has been to 100% since before my injury. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from pain from scar tissue and muscular injury of all types.
— J.D. Kane

Please note: although I am a licensed massage therapist, these treatments are not like a regular massage at all. For a real massage, check out Zeel. Use the promo code Pri25, and get $25 off your first massage today!