outward peace is useless without Inner Peace
— Mahatma Gandhi

Why i do what i do

At the Vancouver Peace Summit in Sept 2009, his Holiness the Dalai Lama said, "the Western woman will save the world." As a Western woman, I felt both honored and overwhelmed by this statement. That’s a pretty big mission to accomplish. Why Western women? Can the men help out? What about Eastern women and men?

I now believe that the Western woman his Holiness spoke of was an archetype for the liberated and empowered feminine energy. The feminine energy, present in both men and women, is associated with many of the same qualities needed to save our world. Qualities such as compassion, nurture, cooperation, community, affection, slowing down, listening more and consuming less. The feminine energy is also associated with feelings, emotions and intuition. This is why many women struggle with their feelings when working in a “man’s world.” The patriarchal society we live in has taught us to keep our emotions bottled up and out of sight until they just go away. But they don’t simply go away. They get stuck... until they explode.

I know because I've been there. Ignoring and suppressing my emotions in a vain effort to be happy. Pretending everything was perfectly fine inside because it was perfectly fine on the surface. I wanted to save the world, but my inner world felt so empty. How could I possibly save the world when I could barely save myself?

Thanks to years of formal (and informal) education, a host of amazing mentors, and plenty of personal life experiences, I now know how. Thanks to Life, I have learned the path to Inner Peace and True Happiness - the secret ingredients necessary for this world-wide revolution.

With this understanding, it makes sense that the Dalai Lama chose us. I understand that if you really want to "save the world” you must first save yourself. Save yourself from your patterns of self-sabotage. Save yourself from the inner demons that criticize everything you do. Save yourself from those inappropriate emotional explosions that always happen at the worst possible time - and the mental beating you'll give yourself post-explosion. Save yourself from the overwhelming and all powerful feelings that you have no control over - and take back your life. This is emotional freedom. The kind of freedom that liberates you from your own limitations and empowers you to feel deeply, yet release easily.

The Dalai Lama's prophecy can come true, and by helping women break free of the systemic external and internal limitations that hold us back, I plan to do everything in my power to do just that - help his Holiness' prediction manifest into reality! By elevating the feminine energy and reconnecting with our emotional bodies, we will bring forth more compassion, cooperation and create more community. The world could use a lot more of that!

Would you like to find your inner peace and become a liberated and empowered woman doing her part to save the world? Even if I am not the right coach/guide to help you get there, I beg of you, keep seeking. Seek life, liberty and pursue happiness, because when you do, The World does become a better place.