Where to get the freshest produce in Miami-Dade & Broward county

Organic is ideal when buying at a grocery store, but if you have the option, why not buy your fruits and veggies directly from a real life - and local - farmer?

When you buy local, sustainably grown goodness, your food has more nutrition, tastes better, and it's better for the environment. Plus, you're supporting hard working farmers sweating it out in the Florida heat to grow healthy, nutritious food for you and your family! Many offer farm tours, so you can even see the land and meet the farmer yourself! Added bonus - kids are more likely to eat veggies from a farm they've been to. If you don't live in South Florida, please check out Local Harvest to find a CSA near you.

Nana's Greene full share  (formerly known as Teena's Pride)

Nana's Greene full share  (formerly known as Teena's Pride)

Scooby's Organic Farm

Scooby's Organic Farm

CSA - Community supported agriculture

This is the best way to directly support a specific farmer. You pay in advance for the season ahead, and in exchange you get a weekly delivery of the freshest produce possible, often picked the same day of your delivery. The catch is, if the farmer has a bad season, you don't get too much in your delivery. However, when the farmer has a surplus, you get the extras! You share the risk and the reward, which is why it's truly the best way to support local farmers.

At this time, the only ones still accepting members are Nana's Greene, Urban Vegetable Project, and Three Sisters Farm.

Up in Davie Marando Farm & Ranch may also still be accepting members, while Scooby's Farm (a CSA for eggs, dairy, and meats) accepts new members year-round.

For next season, or sometime between then and now, feel free to check out Little River Cooperative in Miami, or The Fruitful Field in Pompano Beach.

Many of these farms host Open Houses at different times of year, so stop by even if joining a CSA isn't in the cards for you. I mean, look at those goats! <3


Farmers markets selling local Produce

With the popularity of farmer's markets rising, many now have little connection to small, local farms. When in doubt, ask which farm the produce came from. Luckily we have plenty:

in miami-dade county

in Broward county


buying club

Also know as buying co-op/cooperative, buying clubs are usually sourced from a variety of different farms, and not always locally. Thankfully, we have a buying club here that sources a majority of its produce from Florida farms - Endlessly Organic.

If you love tropical fruit, Miami also has a buying club that specializes in delicious, tropical delights like dragon fruit, persimmons, longans, and more, all thanks to Miami Fruit!


Bianca's honey

For some award-winning, hyper local honey (from North Miami), Urban Habitat Farm Store will be carrying this urban beeskeepers golden delight! Located on 123rd St & NE 13th Ave in North Miami, contact them for details on store hours, or via Facebook.