Coaching with a Relaxation Specialist

"Being emotional" is often not a good thing. We've been taught, whether by family, friends, and/or society, that most emotions are bad, especially the ones that make you cry, scream, or have any kind of unpleasant side effects.

But we're emotional creatures, and some of us simply feel more deeply than others. Being told that we're just being dramatic or overreacting are usually the first steps in self-censorship, and over the years, that hiding of our emotions leads to bottle up feelings, that eventually explode.

No, you're not a crazy bitch, or a fucking asshole because you lose your shit from time to time. You're just one of many people who were taught how to suppress their feelings, instead of dealing with them. 

Because of this cultural norm, we often can't even name our emotions, and end up categorizing a whole slew of feelings under the blanket term of stress - anxiety, frustrations, excitement, and even sadness can be mistaken for stress.

Relaxation techniques are awesome for dealing with the stressful situation, and vital for daily health and maintenance. For some, this is all they need, because they don't hold on to shit, and easily let go of difficult emotions as if nothing happened. I envy those people.

For others, like me and maybe you, we hold onto the drama, reliving it over and over, thinking of all the things we could've/should've/would've said differently. Then, we beat ourselves up for "being so dramatic" and not being able to let it go.

If you can relate to the latter example more, let me reassure you, there's nothing wrong with you. The truth is, not everyone is the same, and not everyone experiences the same situation, or even the same emotion, in the same way. Using my understanding of psychology, spirituality, and 5 element theory, I can help you navigate the watery world of emotions, because I too have "crazy bitch" moments.

The difference is, I don't beat myself up about it anymore. I use the techniques I have learned and developed over the years, in addition to a deep understanding of how some of us are simply wired differently, and that's ok. Once you understand how emotions affect you, the truth beneath the pain, and how to gracefully come back to your sane and sensible self, even the shittest circumstances can become manageable, and more importantly, overcome. You can finally learn to truly let go, relax, and experience peace - on your terms.

Are you ready to experience what true peace and joy feels like for you?

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My one-on-one coaching sessions are either 90 or 60 minutes. Sessions can be over the phone or in person at the CIC Miami


90 Minute coaching session

In both my personal experience as a client, and my professional experience as a coach & massage therapist, I always find that 60 minutes is not long enough. For this reason, I recommend 90 minute sessions - especially if you're the kind of person who needs a few minutes to settle down before being able to focus, and/or you're chatty, and/or you always feel like a 50 or 60 minute session was not enough.

This extra breathing room also allows us to do more exercises during your session. So if you're not the best at doing your homework (like me), these sessions will suit you better.

Just like I do with my 60 minute sessions, I always leave 15-30 minutes between sessions so I can make notes, take a water/bathroom break, and be fully present for you once we're together. 

  • Single session = $170
  • 5 sessions = $800
  • 10 sessions = $1500

5 & 10 session packages include the Total Relaxation Toolkit with purchase (details below). 

60 minute coaching session

Sometimes, 90 minutes is just too much, and for those who feel that way, I happily offer a 60 minute option. Because I like to move more slowly, and ensure you get as much of the full 60 minutes as possible, I always leave 15-30 minutes in between sessions. That way, when I'm on the phone or in person with you, I'm fully present and ready to focus on you. 

For that reason, 60 minute coaching sessions are ideal for clients with a specific goal, and can only spare an hour of their busy day for coaching.

In addition to our time together, you may also be assigned some simple exercises/homework to be completed on your own time. 

  • Single session = $120
  • 4 sessions = $440
  • 8 sessions = $840
  • 12 sessions = $1200

8 & 12 session packages include the Total Relaxation Toolkit with purchase (details below).


In addition to all the knowledge and wisdom I share with during our sessions, once you sign up for my program, you'll also receive:

  • 5 guided meditations, curated and created specifically for by me for you. They including:
    1. The simplest meditation I've ever learned, and still use. 
    2. Intuition strengthening mediation, through simple body awareness.
    3. The most soothing and effective full body relaxation meditation I've ever learned. Ideal for helping you go to sleep.
    4. Tactical breathing tutorial - the breathing technique used by yogis, police officers, and even the military. This simple technique will help you reset your focus instantly.
    5. A meditation to help you deal with ANY emotion.
  • Over 4 hours of soothing, relaxing music (or as I call it, musiquita). Ok, actually, that's a bonus you can get just for reading, because I didn't create it. Moby did, and anyone can have it for free!  Easily $60 worth of music, perfect for meditation, yoga, and massage. Thank you Moby!
  • One palo santo stick. This sacred tree bark is used similarly to sage, for cleansing (aka smudging). To learn more about it, click here.
  • One 5mL DeStress Essential oil blend. Made with orange, ylang-ylang, and patchouli essential oils, this unisex blend created by my aromatherapy teacher is one of my favorite scents in the world. Not only is it uplifting, calming, and therapeutic, its the perfect fragrance for both me and my man (and we both get complimented on it constantly). Exclusive bonus, not available for sale. 
  • 2oz of my Flower Power herbal tea blend. A calming and anti-inflammatory tea blend I created made with organic lavender, rose petals, German chamomile, jasmine and calendula. ($20 Value).
  • One stainless steel tea strainer to brew your Flower Power tea with ($15 Value). 

I’ve been to both psychologists and psychiatrists before to deal with things like stress, confusion, and overall emotional health. While they’re somewhat helpful - no one has ever compared to this woman. Make an appointment for her coaching - you won’t regret it! #sharethewisdom
— Julie Katon
I always felt like there was something missing, I couldn’t really put it into words but it was something that I felt. I tried reaching out in different forms, hoping that in the process I could find what would make me whole.

I tried personal trainers and worked myself to exhaustion. Tried talking to family and friends, but felt like everyone’s journey is individual and I was afraid to truly express myself. I interviewed a couple of psychologists and therapists, but felt it was very textbook and honestly felt afraid to express my real feelings and true self without being judged.

Then I came across you. I believe everything happens for a reason, and people come in your life for a reason. No coincidences. Instantly, I felt at ease. You are so easy to talk to and I love that you are able to connect and guide the conversation based on the energies you receive. Every session has taken me to a journey of self discovery and most importantly self acceptance. This has truly been the hardest form of personal growth, and at the same time the most healing.

No gym, beautician or doctor can create such awareness. It’s frightening, and I think I finally understand the reason why people are so afraid to look within; it’s not easy, but in all honesty it’s the lessons of self-awareness and self-love that are the most rewarding. I have learned a lot, and I’m still learning.

You have been my mentor. Through your lessons, I have become more in tuned with myself. Though at times I fall back to auto pilot, I am now more aware of it. I still have lots of growing to do. But as you taught me, I’m perfectly imperfect!

Thank you for being so understanding and always following up. For understanding me and accepting me for me and teaching me about me. Your approach is different and one of a kind. I’m learning to be happy and enjoy every moment. How to be curious and connect with my inner child. I’m learning how to take breaks and breathe. My darling I’m learning me, myself and I. I am so grateful.
— Jeymi