Women's Intention Setting Ceremony

In our often hectic and busy modern-day lives, it's easy to feel stressed out and disconnected. As a Relaxation Coach, I use many of the same tools and techniques I teach my clients to keep myself feeling compassionate, calm, and connected.

But one of the most valuable "tools" in my desire to be a happy, healthy human, are my Women's Circles: a monthly intention-setting and space-holding ceremony practiced by many cultures over the centuries.

This upcoming Monday, around 10:57pm, is our next New Moon. On Sunday night, beginning at 8pm, you're invited to join us as we take advantage of this perfect time for new beginnings, planting seeds, and setting intentions.

Guys, you can set intentions too, but this particular event is for the ladies only, as it originates from our "beloved" monthly guest... 

Guys, you can set intentions too, but this particular event is for the ladies only, as it originates from our "beloved" monthly guest... 

As with much of my personal growth, the woman who introduced me to this New Moon ritual came back into my life via Fertile Earth Foundation.

Caro was an old friend from high school (class of 2003!!). After graduating college, she traveled throughout South and North America learning about Native traditions from various indigenous cultures. Fast forward to 2015, we're working together to promote composting awareness in Miami, and she tells me about these New Moon ceremonies she started.


I still remember my first ceremony. When Caro spoke, there was this serenity and grace in her voice that fascinated me. Her very presence when she entered this space of mindful speaking was so powerful, I felt calm just listening to her slow, intentional words. Over the years, I kept attending these ceremonies (not every month, but as often as I could).

Slowly, I began to sink into that same sense of serenity and peace I admired in my friend. I began to appreciate the power of sisterhood in a whole new way as we laughed, cried, and celebrated all of life's ups and downs together. I learned the power of listening, and how supportive it feels to just be heard without judgement.

Structured spirituality was a huge missing piece in my own personal growth journey, and this nature-based form of spiritual practice was something I could finally relate to. I couldn't relate to some mysterious white bearded man in the sky.

But I could relate to the earth beneath my feet. I could easily honor the fire in front of me, the water near me, and the sky above me. I love the idea that the elements themselves are divinity incarnate, blessing us everyday with fresh air, clean water, and soil to grow food in. This was a spiritual practice that felt tangible and natural (pun intended).

My favorite part of this ritual, is that Caro encourages us to share this sacred practice, and host our own circles. But because we often host these ceremonies at a private home, it's not always ideal to make it open to the public.

That's why this month, I've teamed up with Aleksandra from Vita to host a Women's Gathering Ceremony at her studio in Midtown this Sunday. While the official New Moon is on Monday, we'll still be able to harness the lunar energy on a night that is more convenient for most. 

If you would like to experience this powerfully supportive, space-holding goodness, please join us! It's free and open to the public. You can sign up on Facebook or Eventbrite. All we ask that you bring a veg-friendly dish to share for the potluck after, or a loving monetary donation to support the space.

  • Where: Vita studio - 3301 NE 1st Ave #110, Miami, FL 33137.
  • When: Sunday, March 26th @ 8pm
  • Cost: free with potluck dish, $10 suggested donation without.
  • What to bring: some people like to bring crystals, totems, or other objects that have special meaning to them, which they then take home charged with the group's energy. You can bring sage, fresh flowers (organic/sustainably harvested or from around the yard), or anything else you'd like to offer. Wearing a long skirt or dress is also encouraged, but optional.

Have any questions? Please feel free to reach out or ask in the comments sections. 

Got any Women's Circle/Gathering/Ceremony experiences you'd like to share? Please do so in the comments below, so sisters who never enjoyed this experience can hear your story too.

Hope to see you there!