Today is THE day for setting Intentions - 2017's gonna be great!

 Why TODAY you may be asking? It's only the 29th...

Two reasons:

  1. By contemplating your resolutions/intentions a few days/weeks in advance, you give yourself precious, precious time. Let's face it, we're always rushed in our day to day lives. Even holidays or vacations can become stressful with all the planning and prepping. When we make our resolutions from a place of haste, it's simply setting ourselves up for failure. Because haste makes waste, use your time wisely, and journal a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd draft of your Intentions over the next few days.
  2. Today is the last New Moon of the year.  As many of you may know by now, I celebrate the New Moon with a group of women every month. We sit in a circle, read the astrological insights, and then set our intentions for the month ahead together. Plus, my dear friend who began this tradition for us taught us that it is best to act on those intentions 3 days later, which just so happens to be Jan 1st this cycle. 

While most of my Moon Sisters will be sitting in circle around a fire tonight, one of those soul sisters is hosting a Vision board workshop, and I will be there making my very first vision board!!! Feel free to join us at 7 tonight in Miami Springs (and it's free/donation based).

On Saturday night, we will be celebrating as usual, which includes a lot of fun and silly traditions, all of which I shared in last year's post. There's over a dozen to choose from!

So if you're ready to start that 1st draft of your New Year's Resolutions/Intentions, and reflect on 2016 with love, here's some questions to help guide you in your journaling, thanks to my teacher and author, Danielle LaPorte:

  • What didn't work this past year?
  • What DID work?
  • What were the highlights?

With those Q's answered, then ask yourself these last 2 important questions:

  • What does the New Year look like if it's full of what works?
  • How do you want to feel for most of 2017? 

Try journaling on this idea, or with these questions for a few minutes for the next 3 days, and let yourself edit each draft. You'll feel much more clarity, confidence, and excitement with this process, because it allows you to change your mind before the Big Day. It also gives you time to really think about what you want and how you'll feel, so you're not just rushing through yet another task. Lastly, the stars are aligned for optimal intention setting in the next 24 hours - aprovecha-lo!

Lemme know 1 or 2 intentions for 2017 in the comments section, or hit "reply.". Mine include feeling more Joy, Health, Abundance, and Fulfillment! How about you? 

Wishing you an awesome, inspiring, and blessed New Year celebration!!!