Relax - what it really means and how to do it

Hello again lovely people,

After a few months of not writing at all, the summer solstice this week inspired me to get my blog up and running again. I was feeling a little lost and needed some time to focus and re-strategize. Ever had that experience? Thanks to that time away, I’m now focused and feeling better than ever, so let’s dive in!

Summertime is here, and it’s time to relax! But if there’s one thing I learned again and again in my 7 years as a massage therapist, it’s that people don’t always know how to relax - even when they’re paying good money for it.

Relaxation is oversimplified, and because of this, many people confuse it with disconnecting and distraction. Small talk is not relaxing. Checking your social media is not relaxing. Zoning out is not relaxing… Those are all the mental equivalents of fidgeting. When your life is overflowing with stress, anxiety, and frustration, it’s easy to mistake any relief as “being relaxed.”

Why is this a problem? Because real relaxation has a lot of physiological benefits that “zoning out” does not. It’s the exact opposite of the “fight or flight” response we hear so much about. The parasympathetic nervous system, when activated, induces the kind of relaxation that improves your mood, circulation, digestion, immunity, and sleep. It also reduces “stress chemicals” like cortisol and adrenaline, which are running in high gear when we’re chronically stressed out, wreaking havoc on the body and mind. 

So what does relaxation really mean…? In it’s simplest form, relaxing means letting go. Letting go of stress, anxiety, frustrations, tension, and drama. This is not to be confused with denial, suppression, or ignoring whatever is stressing you. Dwelling on it, or ruminating on all the ways it could have gone better, or should’ve been is also not letting go.

When you’re in a stressful situation, you have to deal with it. Give that situation your full attention when it’s happening, be fully present for it. Do what you can, and acknowledge that there’s only so much you can personally do. Once done, walk away from it physically, mentally, and emotionally. You did your best, and “ja!” Let it go...

You’ll know you’ve done this if your mind is able to settle, and tension in the body dissipates. Most notably, you’ll feel really, really calm. At peace.

I know. It sounds waaaaaaay too simple. That’s because it is simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy...

Letting go is a skill that takes practice. It’s a skill we will forget to use when we need it the most. And it’s one that we can easily confuse with phrases like “fuck it!”, “forget about it”, or “I’ll just deal with it.”

This is why I have transitioned from massage therapist to life coach specializing in relaxation & emotional wellness. Or Relaxation Coach for short. I want to teach my clients the skill and Art of Relaxation, so they can be relaxed on and off the massage table. While I still practice massage, I'm excited (and kinda nervous) to announce that I am no longer accepting new massage clients. 

My intention is to make space for new coaching clients, and provide free peace of mind services via product recommendations/reviews, a weekly blog, an inspirational Instagram feed (#mandalamondays), and eCourses to ease your worries about living naturally. 

If you’re interested in being one of those new clients, or know someone who wants to learn the Art of Relaxation, start by filling out this form. Or if you have questions, you can reach me directly via email, info (at) priscillacarolyn (dot) com. 

Thanks for your patience and loyalty during my first year in this new business. It’s been a crazy ride, and I’m grateful for having you by my side while for this new adventure.

Have a delicious day and a wonderful weekend! 
Lots of Love,

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#summerblooms #tinyflowers - see how many tiny flowers you can spot this weekend ;-)