Relaxation Station is going Radical!

Last week, Jon and I had an unusual fight, and it raised some serious questions... 

He was fully immersed in the shocking tragedies of the news. Two black men killed by police officers, and a peaceful protest in Dallas turned into a the first time a US citizen was killed by a police operated robot, after he was suspected of being the sniper behind that evening’s shootings. He felt like the world was starting to fall apart, and I didn’t seem to care. 

I was unaware of most of this, because admittedly, I read and watch as little of the news as humanly possible. In my ignorance, all I could see was my man glued to his phone - as usual - and me doing laundry and dishes. I was waiting, impatiently, for him to finish so we could go back to watching our silly show. 

When I made a comment, he snapped. “How can you just ignore all of this? This is important and I want to be informed! How could you not want to be informed?!”

Jon rarely yells. Especially at me. I’m usually the one who loses my cool and flips out. Not him. 

I began to wonder, “do I ignore the news too much? Am I really doing nothing…?”

Having just written a post that did not address the news at all, I realized that I was guilty of the first charge. But when I considered whether or not I was doing nothing, I remembered why I started this Life Coaching business in the first place.

         image borrowed from @drdanielleg via instagram

         image borrowed from @drdanielleg via instagram

I know, based on years of scientific research, the teachings of all great spiritual leaders, and my own personal experience, that the only way to effectively create change on the outside, is to change yourself.

That's what I've been doing for almost a decade now. I've been looking at myself more closely when I'm feeling angry. I see how my judgement and critiques of others, is simply a reflection of how harshly I judged and criticized myself. When I'm in a funk, and wallow in my misery, more shitty things seem to happen. 

Over the years, I’ve learned to respond to anger with compassion, judgement with curiosity, and funky moods with funky tunes. 

Changing how we react to our feelings is radical. It takes training, practice, and persistence. Many mentors have helped me along my own journey, which continues every day.

While I may have hinted at this in previous posts, and I mention it in my Mission, I have not fully embraced the radical nature of my views on relaxation. 

Defined as, “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something,” radical, is how I want to be about this concept of relaxation, letting go, and inner peace.

Because World Peace begins with Inner Peace. And yes, I want World Peace! 

Don’t you?

How can you be more radical in your mission towards peace? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or shoot me an email if you're still shy about sharing - pri (@) priscillacarolyn (dot) com.

Lots of Love,