My Birthday Wish (plus my gift to you)

Dear Universe,

First of all, thank you for an awesome 32 years of Life! I am so very grateful for all the wonderful experiences I've had, all the gifts I've been blessed with, and the amazing family I was born into + the wonderful group of friends I also consider family. 

Before I ask for my big birthday wish, I'd like to also thank you for the gift I get to share with others - my first free workshop! YAAAAY!!!!!! I'm so happy to get out there and start sharing what I've learned with more people!!! :-D

The Big Wish:

Most of all, for my birthday, I would like to have a female president elected. Along with a woman in the oval office, I sincerely pray my fellow citizens (both locally and globally), share my understanding of healthy patriotism vs unhealthy patriotism.

 Unhealthy Patriotism = 

"I love my country. My country is the BEST! My country is the so much better than your country. Yeah, I know you want to come here, but you can't, because it's mine. And because it's mine, I can do with it whatever I want with my land/my country, fuck the consequences to my neighbors."

Healthy Patriotism =

"I love my country. me and my fellow citizens are so blessed to live here. It's beautiful, even with all it's flaws. I want to celebrate, conserve, and care for my country, so that others can enjoy it too. I want to share my country, my culture, and all it's unique splendor with the world. Because all of our countries across the world have a different beauty, but beauty all the same. It's our differences that make life more fun and interesting."

Thank you Universe for listening to and answering my prayers.