Sometimes, "doing nothing" is exactly what you need

In our hyper rushed world, I consider myself a Rest Advocate. We are so bombarded with to do lists, errands, and emails that even quality time with friends and family can start to feel like "work" or "one more thing to check off the list" when we don't give ourselves proper time to rest. 

Sometimes, you just need to veg out and enjoy your favorite TV show/movie, read a magazine/book, or whatever you like to do to unwind and relax. Downtime is needed to restore our health and vitality. Disclaimer: answering emails in bed does NOT count as downtime or rest. 

If you feel guilty for these rare moments of "doing nothing" you're not alone. It's easy for that yapping in our heads to start going through all the things you "should" or "could" be doing. Need to hear it from somebody else? No problem: I officially give you permission to do nothing for a few minutes, hours, or maybe even a whole day! Guilt Free, cuz Auntie Pri said so ;-)

Rest because it's good for you, and thus good for everyone around you. Do nothing so that when you do anything else, you can do it with gusto and grace. Unlike kitty here:

if only we all looked so cute dozing off over paperwork

if only we all looked so cute dozing off over paperwork

Don't have time to "do nothing?" Schedule it in. Call it "me time," "lazy day," or "much needed R&R day" and pencil it in. You deserve it! Plus, it really will make you more productive, so no need to beat yourself up over it. Working when fully rested makes you more efficient, allows you to focus more easily, and puts you in a better mood. And sometimes, it's just what's best.

In fact, this all originated from my mandala lesson of the week, when I choose white as a color, by not coloring those spaces at all. White was the color I thought looked best, so I "did nothing" and I love how it came out. 

Enjoy your "nothing" time.

Lots of Love,