Are you a Hot Mess?

Is it considered "unwise" to talk to you in the morning before you've had your coffee? Are you convinced that life would be infinitely better (maybe even perfect) if you didn't have such a stressful job, so much family drama, or those inexplicable tingling/burning sensations that no doctor or specialist seems to be able to diagnose or give you a real solution for? Do wine and martinis help you stay sane to some extent? 

Then you my dear, are indeed a "hot mess."

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The stress is never ending, the to do lists keep growing, and it feels like you can never catch a break. If only you could just relax and be at peace... 

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then you (and they) are in luck. My coaching work is the perfect fit for "hot messes" like you. 

For those of you who may still be wondering what I do as a Relaxation Coach, this is my specialty. My strategies and techniques for total relaxation will take you from feeling like a hot mess, to cool as a cucumber

And the reason you or your friend are in luck, is because I'm fine tuning my coaching program with you in mind, and launching it next week! From Aug 4th until Aug 25th, my coaching package will be available at some seriously discounted prices. We'll talk more about that then.

For now, just imagine how awesome it would be to not feel like such a "hot mess" all the time. To be able to truly chill the fuck out. No wine, coffee, special pills, or expensive vacation needed. It really is possible!

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Hot mess or not, you are perfectly imperfect, just like the rest of us. If this feeling does resonate with you, I'd love to hear more. How often do you feel like a "hot mess?" What do you do to calm down when you get there? Questions, comments, and feedback are always welcome.

Lots of Love,