Anxious, Excited, Angry, Hopeful. Appreciating Life's ups & downs.

Do you ever start planning "cart before the horse" style? It took me a while to realize that I was totally doing that with my business, and thus creating so much anxiety for myself. I was more worried with what to post on Facebook, or how to make my Instagram look good than focusing on the the structure I so desperately needed behind the scenes for the stuff being posted. 

Truth is, I was (and still am) scared. This is a new endeavor for me, and while I absolutely adore working one on one with people, writing, and speaking in public (yes, I'm that weirdo 1% that actually enjoys speaking in front of an audience), I was surprised how difficult it was to do the preparation work that comes before all of those things. 

When working with clients, I love hearing their deep, darkest pains, and guiding them towards a fresh perspective, that liberates them from their pain. I adore what most people consider "uncomfortable conversations" and when someone cries on my shoulder. It's an absolute joy to hold sacred space like that. Yet, when it came down to creating a structure for this sacred space-holding, perspective-sharing coaching practice, I froze. Sheer terror. Anxiety-fueled paralysis. 

It's ironic how even the things we love are paired with things we must endure. The whole "if you do what you love you'll never work a day in your life" adage is bullshit. It was so nice to hear entrepreneurs I admire admit that. Work will always have parts that we enjoy, and parts we'd rather avoid. But the magic of being conscience, means we can accept, love, and appreciate both.

Funny enough, anxiety can often be excitement frozen by fear.  So now that I've buckled down and done the work, I AM SO EXCITED!!! My very own coaching program, Bitch to Buddha, is finally put together and has a description/sales page, and my Relaxation 101 workshop is ready to be taught! 

I know the fear will never go away 100%, so I keep reminding myself, resist the urge to avoid & ignore it. We must work with our fears if we want to get anything done. Fight, flight, and freeze our outdated program glitches from our hard wired reptilian brains. Cooperation and compassion is why we have thrived as a species. 

Sadly, sustained reptilian brain over drive, can lead to anger. Case in point:

on US1 & NE 82nd Street, paid for by the New Florida Majority. 

on US1 & NE 82nd Street, paid for by the New Florida Majority. 

Who isn't upset about this presidential race? It's maddening! I've been stressing so much about it (partly because Election day happens to fall on my Birthday, and I truly pray Clinton beats Trump for my birthday gift)!

My heart wants to vote for the Green party candidate, and I discovered a happy middle ground called vote swapping. If you're a fellow tree-hugger who wishes you could vote for Stein, but live in a precious swing state, please consider it. Download the #NeverTrump app and feel free to ask me anything about it. 

For those of you who have voted already, THANK YOU! If you do stuff last minute like me, here's everything you need to know:

You can go to any of these locations, 'cause when you vote early, it doesn't have to be at your "assigned polling place." In fact, if you go to the Adrienne Arsht Center, you can get a free coffee at Books & Books by showing them your "I Voted" sticker. 7am-7pm until Sunday (no voting on Monday). 

First time voters may be surprised to see there's a lot of questions, not just the president. Senate and House seats are also voted on. You can download your sample ballot here, and Miamians can use the New Tropic's Voter Guide as a good reference point for research. 

If you're too busy to research, and wish someone you trust could just tell you how they voted, here's my cheat sheet. Districts vary, so checking your sample ballot will let you know which ones are different for you.

We need election reform. No doubt about it. But in the meantime, we cannot fight, run away, or become paralyzed in the face of racism, class-ism, and sexism. We must learn how to work with it, and move forward in a better direction. Not backwards into cruel cultural norms. 

I love this country, craziness and all. The same way I love my City. The same way I love My Self. 

Love means we cooperate with fear, and act wisely. We tame the fear, with knowledge, practice, and carefully curated guidance. Then the anxiety, excitement, and anger can all ride their course, and we come back to peace. Emotions are meant to move us. Move through the hard ones, and your reward will be the fun ones - like Hope, Peace, and Joy. 

There is still hope. I am still hopeful the best possible outcome will happen. Because hope is better than despair, so I choose to be excited and hopeful. 

If you feel moved, then move your fingers across that keyboard, and let me know in the comments below. What anxieties, fear, and frustrations are you struggling with? And if you haven't already, please, go vote in the next 4 days. It will save you so much time than waiting until Tuesday... 

Lots of Love,