Silly Traditions & Serious Resolutions

 Happy New Year's Eve!

I must admit, today is my favorite holiday of all - the celebration of both the end of one year, and welcoming the new one with good cheer! Farewell 2015, and Hello 2016! My love of December 31st has a lot to do with the silly rituals I have discovered over the years. While some may consider these silly rituals as nothing more than entertaining superstitions, I consider them to be somewhat sacred, and credit much of my own great experiences in 2015 to the rituals we performed 12 months ago on this very same night. So that we may all be silly together, here’s my to do list for tonight. Take your pick, or try them all!

My New Year’s Traditions

  • Brazilian traditions:

    • wearing white - to enter the New Year with peace and happiness.
    • colorful underwear, to attract what you want most in the New Year
      • Green = Health & Well Being
      • Yellow = Money & Prosperity
      • Purple = Inspiration/ Spirituality
      • Red = Passion
      • Pink = Love
      • Blue = Harmony
      • Orange = Professional Success
    • eating lentils (or any beans really)
    • eating 12 grapes at midnight
    • drinking bubbly (champagne, prosecco, sparkling apple cider or soda water)
  • From our Awesomely Silly friends

    • write down what you want to leave behind from this year, and burn it!
    • write your wishes for next year, and send them off in the sky (looking for greener alternative to balloons, got any suggestions?)
    • make accessories out of dollar bills to bring in $$$$ next year!
    • cleanse yourself for the New Year by throwing a cup of water out the door
    • cross the street with suitcases, for lots of travels
    • watch the fireworks
    • Dance the Night Away!!!!

New Year’s Resolutions

In the past, I often made ambitious lists to change all of my bad habits and finally do what I know I should be doing to be in the best health! Then a few weeks (or days) in, I stop working out consistently, eat some french fries and let all my old “bad” habits run their usual course. And then I get all mad at myself, and feel crappy…

Sound familiar?

This year, I’m trying a new approach. I’m keeping it Real & Simple by only having 2 resolutions. There's great power in focus, and by focusing on only two resolutions, I'm much more likely to achieve them. And instead of calling them “resolutions” these are my Gifts to Myself for 2016:

  1. To have more FUN! Be silly and laugh more often - especially at myself. Because if you can’t laugh at yourself, no one will take you seriously. And as the very funny Amy Poehler once said, “there’s power in looking silly, and not caring that you do.” Empowered, Enlightened and Enjoying every minute of it - that’s a resolution I think I’ll happily stick to! Want more reasons? Here are 20 more quotes to remind you why laughter is so important.
  2. Found my new business with the 21 hour work week model. One thing I have learned in my year of working significantly less, is that the lifestyle I want to have, requires a lot of time. Eating healthy foods, exercising, meditating, composting, brewing my own kombucha, making my own products, quality time with my friends and family, quality time with myself, maintaining a clean home, all of these things take time. How can we talk about Work-Life balance when Work gets such a huge chunk of time? How often do we fall victim to convenience and eat pre-made food, pay extra at the quickie mart or some other premium for getting whatever you want/need faster? Time is worth much more than money, and a shorter work week would actually reduce our carbon footprint, strengthen our economy, improve well-being, create more gender equality, and build a stronger democracy according to the New Economics Foundation. Don’t believe me? Read their full report and see the numbers yourself.

How about you? What are your New Year’s ‘Gifts’ to yourself? Got any of your own silly rituals you’d care to share? Let me know in the comments on Facebook, because sharing is caring :-)

May you have a joyous, fun-filled celebration tonight! Be silly, and of course, be safe.            

See ya next year!

With Love & Integrity,


This post was originally posted on Dec 31, 2015