Today is a Gift, that's why we call it the Present!

Happy Thursday Sunshine!

As many of us are running around last minute packing up gifts and getting ready for a Christmas party or two, it's easy to get caught up in the Holiday hassles and forget the most important gift of all - this very moment. 

I love the saying, "yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery. Today is a Gift, That's Why we call it the Present." It reminds me of the concept of everyday miracles, which we often take for granted. Like the sun rising every morning, the way our bodies magically transform oxygen into carbon dioxide with every breath we take, and most recently, the soft purr of my kitty actually enjoying my snuggles! 

The Universe bathes us with gifts of Love, Life and Abundance all the time, yet we often miss these gifts because we're too busy worrying about this and that. Stressed out about our health, an upcoming trip, family drama, or any number of things that take us out of the Present Moment, we barely notice the magnificence all around us.  

Lucky for us, the Universe doesn't really mind, or get offended like us humans do, and it continues to pour out these gifts continuously, whether we choose to receive them or not. How do you receive it? Stop and take a moment to appreciate it - whatever it is! The good, the bad and the ugly moments of Life are all equally deserving of our appreciation. After all, it's the "bad" stuff that makes the "good" stuff so much better. No need to discriminate with the gratitude. Give it and accept it with gracious abundance! 

So as you give the gifts you spent hours choosing and wrapping, as you share the meals you spent hours planning and preparing, remember to consciously allow yourself to receive those gifts too. The physical gifts with the pretty bows, the emotional gift of spending quality time with people you love, and the energetic gift of all the Love & Thought that went into planning the festivities you are about to enjoy, or have already enjoyed! 

Look for these invisible gifts, and you will feel them. Focus your attention on the many blessings around you, especially when work or family drama would tempt you to focus on what they did or what they might do. As Tony Robbins always says, "where Focus goes, Energy flows." Focus on the Love, and you will see more Beauty; Focus on the Frustrations, and you will see more Drama.

My Gift To You:

In case you haven't already, what gift are you giving yourself this holiday season? It doesn't have to be a physical gift. This gift can be an intention, a desire, or a commitment. Most importantly, my gift to you is to remind you to think of yourself too. 

Being "selfish" is not always a bad thing. Of course, anything in excess becomes unhealthy, but you gotta take care of You before you can take care of anyone else! Or as my friend Judy learned and shared with me recently, "you cannot give what you do not have."

If you're tired and stressed out, that's what you're giving - whether you realize it or not. When you're calm and happy, you can give away serenity & joy like hot cakes! 

So I leave you with this: What's that one gift only you can give yourself? What do you really want/need? Once you're clear on that, ask yourself, "am I willing to accept/ receive that gift?" Because giving can only truly happen when the recipient accepts the gift - make sure you are ready to receive!

Feel free to share with me by replying here or share it on the Facebook page. I'll tell you all about my gift to myself next week, as it's also part of my New Year's Resolution! 

Have a wonderful, fun-filled holiday weekend!
With Love & Integrity,

This post was originally published on Dec 24, 2015