What is Relaxation?

photo credit: D Sharon Puritt

First and Foremost, Thank you!

As most of you know, this new career path is the product of years of persistent searching, tons of personal growth and overcoming my own fears and insecurities. It has not always been easy, and support from loving people like you really do mean the world to me. So again, Thank You!

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly have you signed up for? Short answer: a weekly dose of Wisdom from me intended to bring you closer to peace and emotional well being. Much of my work is about shining a different light on familiar ideas - like the importance of true relaxation. So let's begin there...

Why the big fuss about Relaxation? 

Simply put, being able to fully relax and let go of worry, tension and anxiety is quite literally the best solution to almost ALL medical conditions! How? Because the opposite, Stress, is the underlying reason for 90% of doctor visits and patient's ailments. I still remember how shocked I was when I learned this in massage school. I had no idea helping people chill out was so important!

Stress itself is not so bad for us. But when being "stressed out" becomes your every day reality, health issues begin to surface. For example, have you ever had one of those projects that suck up all of your time and energy, until you get so sick you can barely get out of bed? Have you ever been so worried about something that you couldn't sleep or even rest without your mind running wild? That's the kind of stress that becomes a problem...

The Solution

There are many ways to unwind and relax. Going for a walk, getting a massage, having a drink, going on vacation, and so on. Quick fix solutions like these work in the short term, but once your boss, boo or buddy does that thing, again, stress returns - with a vengeance...  

This is because the root cause of chronic stress is all about perspective and habitual thinking. What we believe is true about any given circumstance directly affects how we react to it. As Chuck Swindoll says, "life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it."

So the real solution, is to simply let go. This is very different from ignoring or suppressing stressful thoughts - that's just another quick fix option. Letting go is when you accept the situation for what it is, and make the conscious choice to surrender your worries to the Universe in complete faith that the best solution will arrive in its own Divine Time. That is total relaxation! So next time you feel tense, get anxious or freak out, take a deep breath and let it go... 

Let it go because:

  • built up tension is painful and makes your body ache.
  • feeling anxious usually rarely solves anything.
  • having a clear head males room for fresh insight to enter where obsessive worrying was taking up space. 
  • you'll be happier when you do.
  • peace is in those sweet moments when you accept that shit happens for a reason, even if you don't understand the reason just yet.
  • your health and sanity is much more important than whatever is stressing you out!

The solution is simple, but not always easy. Any new way of thinking takes time to really sink in, so be patient with yourself. If you want help implementing this concept in your day to day life, hit me up. This is what I do now ;-)

With Love & Integrity,


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