Bitch to Buddha

A one-on-one emotional mastery program for successful, professional women who are ready to break free from chronic stress, live happy, peaceful lives, and achieve work-life balance.

By mastering your emotions, you'll transform your Inner Bitch, to your Inner Buddha.

  • Do you beat yourself for being too emotional, and secretly wonder "what's wrong with me?"
  • Do you bottle up your feelings of overwhelm, anger or frustration, until one really stressful day, you just f*^king explode! Then, do you feel super guilty for exploding, and swear you'll never do it again... until you do?
  • Are you convinced that if you had a less stressful job, a better man by your side, or less family drama, that everything would magically be better?


Imagine if...

  • You could be emotional, but in a healthy way, that allowed you to feel your feelings, without being completely consumed by them. (yes, it's totally possible!)

  • Instead of bottling up, you learned how to communicate your needs, speak your truth, and express yourself without the need to flip out and get all bitchy. (no more explosions!)

  • The stressful job, dreadful traffic, and family bullshit could roll off your back like water off a duck, because you learned how to Let Go like a pro... (and deal with stress like a pro too.)


the truth of the matter is:

  • We're emotional creatures, but nobody ever taught us how to deal with our emotions. Instead, we're taught to control, suppress, or resist this completely natural part of ourselves, then we beat ourselves up for not being able to "keep it together." 
  • When we keep bottling it all up, we start to feel like something is missing, because, well, it is! That something is You my dear. That missing something is why you never really feel satisfied or content. Why it just feels like it's never enough. No matter what you do, it's never good enough. 
  • You've become successful by most standards: you have a well-paying career, a nice car, and a loving family. Yet you don't feel successful, because inside, you're totally overwhelmed, overworked, and stretched waaaaaayyyy too thin (you're not alone).


My name is Priscilla Carolyn, and I'm a Life Coach, Relaxation Expert, and Licensed Massage Therapist. I teach stress reduction and emotional mastery to women who are ready to enjoy success beyond the workplace, and start feeling like a success in both their personal and professional lives. 

My own journey to inner and outer success has been filled with plenty of ups & downs, and many moments of getting exactly what I wanted, only to be left with this odd gnawing feeling of, "great... now what? Why do I still feel so... empty/off/unsatisfied?"

I blamed everyone and everything I could: my job was too unhealthy and stressful; my boyfriend was too nice and indecisive; my mom was too critical; this city is too messed up. I was happy on the surface and miserable on the inside. Vodka, ganja, and TV became necessary to bridge the gap. 

So I quit my bartending job and began my new career as a massage therapist; I dumped the boyfriend (who I totally thought was Mr. Right, btw); I avoided my mom as much as possible, to avert her constant criticism; and I even moved to Thailand at one point. Perfect!

Until all the excitement of each new phase of my life wore off, and that weird gnawing feeling would come back... "why am I still unhappy?" The sheer thought of that question made me feel guilty. The world has so many problems, and here I am, complaining about my first world problems. "What's wrong with me?" 

Finally, in late 2010, I started seeing a mental health counselor. I met her through another type of energy work I learned, called BodyTalk. Her sessions were a mix of counseling and BodyTalk, which I liked, because I could just tell people I was seeing a BodyTalk practitioner (yes, even as the daughter of a psychologist, I hesitated telling people that I was seeing a counselor when I first began going).  

Despite practicing yoga for years, working as a massage therapist, and getting almost everything I wanted, it wasn't until I began to uncover and work with my emotions that those weird, gnawing feelings started to go away. Finally, I could put words to what I was feeling!

I learned that changing everything around me, was not the same as changing Me. I learned that the very emotions I was running away from, were part of that gnawing, something's missing feeling. Once I stopped numbing and avoiding my feelings, and talking about them with a professional, soul sisters, and other healers, I was able to express myself, without yelling. I could even stay calm, while someone else was yelling at me! Plus, I learned how to relax without the alcohol, drugs, or TV. 

As I began the transformation into a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled ME, I noticed more and more of my massage clients having trouble relaxing while on my table. With very little inquiry, many would open up and tell me how stressed out they were. Just like me years before, they blamed their jobs, their families, or life for creating so much stress in their lives. I listened, nodded, and then taught them a simple breathing meditation. Within 5 minutes, I could see and feel their entire body relax. Only then, could they begin to enjoy the massage they were paying up to $180 for. 

That's when I knew this was the next phase of my journey - to help stressed out women relax off the massage table. Because once we can calm the mind, the physical aches and pains diminish. Once we deal with the emotions underneath, so much pain fades away. Life becomes more beautiful, and you become more blissful. With guidance, practice, and a willingness to grow, you too can know the Joys of Self-Discovery and make peace with your Inner Bitch. By making peace with our Inner selves, we become stronger, wiser, and more compassionate human beings, like Buddha. Are you ready to embrace your emotional self, and transform your Inner Bitch to your Inner Buddha in just 4-5 months?

That is exactly what I promise to teach you with my unique, one-on-one coaching program: Bitch to Buddha. Transform your negative emotions into personal teachers, guiding you back to your True Self. Your Calm, Compassionate, and Perfectly Imperfect Self!


This program is for you if:

  • you're ready to get to know yourself at a much deeper level
  • you already take good care of your body with a healthy diet and exercise, and 
  • you're ready to take the next step and take good care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies too.


what makes Bitch to buddha unique

  • I tell it like it is: if you're acting like a bitch, I'll tell you. If you're being too hard on yourself, I'll also tell you. My purpose as your coach, is to reflect back what I see and hear from you. I will call bullshit when I smell it (loving, of course) - especially if its bullshit you've been telling yourself for far too long.  Above all, my main intention is to show you how awesome you are, and share some fresh perspective on your situation. In return, I ask that you tell me like it is - no need to censor yourself. I promise not to judge ;-)
  • Holistic Thinking: you are not just a body, or just a brain, or just a heart. I combine my scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology with my many experiences and training in holistic medicine, including yoga, acupuncture, aromatherapy, BodyTalk, positive psychology, shamanic rituals, medicine cards, astrology, and permaculture to bridge your understanding from the molecular to the mysterious. 
  • Holding Space: I will hold your hand as we walk through your internal landscape together, and discover thoughts, feelings, and insights you never knew you were capable of. I will listen with love, and allow you to find your own way, gently nudging you if you go too far off course. By learning how to sit with yourself, while someone else is holding space, you get to explore parts of your mind and heart that may feel too difficult or uncomfortable to explore on your own. As a result, you learn how to hold space for yourself, then others, and the healing continues.
  • Extra long sessions: You get 100% of my attention, for 100 minutes at a time. And just in case we need a few more minutes, I block out a full 2 hours for each session. With massage, coaching, and counseling, I have found that an hour never feels like enough time whether I'm giving or receiving a treatment. Plus, I have to spend at least 20 min each way to get there, so it's still 2 hours out of my day. So instead of spending 40-60 minutes commuting to and from an office, we aprovecha (make use of) that time to go really deep. We meet on the phone, and take our time. No rush. No traffic. No worries!

this program gives you the skills and perspective you need to:

  • Figure out what that missing something is, and begin healing the disconnection from you to your Self.
  • Stop blaming your job, your parents, or your partner for stressing you out, and treat the root cause of all your stress (your mind).
  • Reclaim your personal power (even if you feel like you never had it), and express yourself calmly, with confidence.
  • Get in touch with all of your emotions, so you can learn how to connect more deeply with yourself and everyone around you.
  • Continue the life-long journey of self-discovery and personal growth, by guiding you past your own resistance, limiting beliefs, and old habits, towards your own Inner Wisdom.

Path preview: Here's what we'll cover

The program consists of ten 100 minute long sessions over the phone. I know flexibility is important to you, and so is consistency. We'll dance that fine line together. That is why you can choose to schedule our sessions either weekly, or bi-weekly. 

During our calls we will work through specific issues your experiencing, and cover the following modules:

Module 1: Becoming your own parent. How do you treat yourself when you make a mistake? When you're trying to motivate yourself to be more disciplined, what's your inner dialogue like? These situations bring out our Inner Parent, which for better or worse, is a mirror image of one or both your own parents (or parental figures). If it was anything like my parents, some chancletas got thrown your way once or twice. None of us want to repeat that pattern, which is why we must learn how to become the parent we wish we had. When we do this for ourselves, we also end up doing it for our parents as well, and thus the Healing is passed along to them as a side effect. Hooray trans-generational Healing!!!

Module 2: Perspective, Thoughts, and Emotions 101. The basics of how the mind works, how emotions work, and how to best handle your thoughts and emotions. Once you understand how much your perspective shapes your reality, you'll begin to experience miraculous changes in your life. Some examples from my clients include: peaceful interactions with difficult relatives (often for the first time in years, or ever), promotions at work, interviews for better positions that they didn't even apply for, getting engaged, and a puppy one client had wanted for 40 years, but never could convince her husband to agree to! 

Module 3: Who Are You? On a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, who is the wonderfully unique and perfectly imperfect YOU? We get so caught up in labels and identities given to us by ourselves and others, that it's easy to forget who we are underneath all those labels. More importantly, what does that You really and truly want. Because You really are amazingly wise – YES YOU!!! Even if you don't believe that now, you will once we demystify the Ego, Consciousness, and the Universe in a way that makes sense to You.

Module 4: Confronting Confrontations. Now that you’ve let go of the family drama, understand the power of your thoughts, and feel deeply connected to the very calm and compassionate Real You, you are ready to speak your Truth with Love and Compassion. When we run from confrontation, we stay stuck in the same situation. Learn the Art of Effective Communication, and how to stay calm and confident in any confrontation (like a Zen Buddhist Bitch ;-).

Module 5: Giving Back with a Full Tank. We cannot give that which we do not have. If you're a giver, like most women, you're used to putting others first, and yourself last. In modules 1-4 we'll make sure you've broken that pattern. Once we got that covered, you can give again, without feeling drained. Contribute to creating a more peaceful world, by continuing to cultivate Inner Peace, honoring yourself, and consuming consciously. Your choices matter, because You Matter!

Plus you'll RECEIVe this ultimate relaxation kit:

In addition to all the knowledge and wisdom I share with you on our calls, once you sign up for my program, you'll also receive:

  • 5 guided meditations, curated and created specifically for this program, including:
    1. The simplest meditation I've ever learned, and still use. 
    2. Intuition strengthening mediation, through simple body awareness.
    3. The most soothing and effective full body relaxation meditation I've ever learned. Ideal for helping you go to sleep.
    4. Tactical breathing tutorial - the breathing technique used by yogis, police officers, and even the military. This simple technique will help you reset your focus instantly.
    5. A meditation to help you deal with ANY emotion.
  • Over 4 hours of musiquita (aka relaxing music). Ok, actually, that's a bonus you can get just for reading, because I didn't create it. Moby did, and anyone can have it for free!  Easily $60 worth of music, perfect for meditation, yoga, and massage. Thank you Moby!
  • One palo santo stick. This sacred tree bark is used similarly to sage, for cleansing (aka smudging). To learn more about it, click here.
  • One 5mL DeStress Essential oil blend. Made with orange, ylang-ylang, and patchouli essential oils, this unisex blend created by my aromatherapy teacher is one of my favorite scents in the world. Not only is it uplifting, calming, and therapeutic, its the perfect fragrance for both me and my man (and we both get complimented on it constantly). Exclusive bonus, not available for sale. 
  • 2oz of my Flower Power herbal tea blend. A calming and anti-inflammatory tea blend I created made with organic lavender, rose petals, German chamomile, jasmine and calendula. ($20 Value).
  • One stainless steel tea strainer ($15 Value). Conscious consumption begins with the little things ;-)

what more do you need to know?

I've created this one of a kind program from a collection of formal education, extra curricular learning, and a lifetime of experiences. And thanks to my gift of translating and simplifying, I've consolidated what took me 8 years to learn, into 10 sessions with you. 

  • I know what it's like to feel lost, overwhelmed, and confused by your thoughts, feelings, and situation. I can show you the way out.  
  • I've invested over $30K in my own education, growth, and personal development since 2008. 
  • My passion for healthy, happy, and sustainable living means I will teach you the tools to keep growing on your own. Just like natural medicine, my intention is to strengthen your emotional immune system, so you can "fight off" infectious thoughts all on your own. 

Is this program right for you?

If you:

  • have a successful but stressful career, and you're ready to try something different that doesn't require you quit your job.
  • have tried meditation and yoga, but feel like it's too hard to make your mind shut up, even though you really really want it to. 
  • are an emotional person, and your family tells you to "stop being so dramatic" when you're just trying to have an honest conversation. 
  • get angry over little things - like traffic and misplaced shoes...
  • feel overwhelmed often, but you just "swallow" it, and keep pushing through.
  • are scared you're gonna burn out and crash if you don't do something soon.
  • know that Life is all about perspective, and you are so ready for some fresh perspective.
  • have a deep desire to get to know yourself better. 
  • are ready to stop putting others first, and take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • eat healthy, buy organic, and exercise regularly, but still have mystery ailments that no doctor or specialist can explain.
  • are ready to invest the time, energy, and money into yourself, and finally feel happy, fulfilled, and at peace!
  • believe everything happens for a reason, and everything you're reading here is screaming to you, "YES, YES, YES!"

then bitch to buddha is the perfect coaching program for you.



if, on the other hand, you:

  • are convinced it's everyone else's fault that you're so stressed out, and that you'll only be happy when you quit your job, break up with ____, or win the lotto.
  • believe people "are the way they are" and can't change.
  • think "this is just the way life is" and that no matter what you do, life will continue to suck.
  • think you know yourself just fine, and have no desire to dig deeper.
  • would rather keep drinking, shopping, or going on vacation to help you relax, because they work well enough for you.
  • feel guilty taking even 10 minutes for yourself, and the thought of 2 hours to feel your feelings and deal with your shit sounds like pure torture. 
  • feel fine where you are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • feel strongly supported by another professional, close friends, or family, and enjoy doing this work with them.

then this program is not such a good fit for you, and that's ok too.

ready to make that transformation?

ready to make that transformation?

The numbers:

Bitch to Buddha program from beginning to end includes:

  1. One 30-60 minute Discovery Session (free for all interested applicants).
  2. Nine 100 minute one-on-one calls, weekly or bi-weekly - whatever works best for you.
  3. One 2 hour follow up call, 6 months after completing the program, so we can check in after you've had plenty of time to digest everything. 
    • up to 21 hours of one-on-one coaching with me. And 0 hours of commuting!
  4. Bonuses that I only make for friends and family, not available for sale anywhere the way I make it ;-)
  5. Tools to keep so you can continue the work we start on your own, long after our work together is complete.

All for a one-time payment of $2,249

or 3 monthly payments of $863


Remember, I've spent over $30,000 over the past 8 years to learn what I've learned, and the past 11 months putting it into this one of a kind structure to help you learn it in less than 5 months. And these prices will be increasing as my coaching experience increases, so get in on the ground floor now!

Because this is a very personal, hand held journey, I only work with a small number of clients at a time. Once I'm fully booked, you'll have to wait up to 5 months until you can sign up to work with me again. And I can't promise the price and perks will remain the same.

While I'm incredibly grateful for every single part of my journey, I know most people can't afford that kind of time and commitment. This is why I've consolidated my 8+ year journey into this 10 session program. What are you waiting for? Sign up for your FREE Discovery Session today, and let's begin your emotional transformation, from a Raging Bitch, to Zen like Buddha :-)


Testimonials from past clients:

I always felt like there was something missing, I couldn’t really put it into words but it was something that I felt. I tried reaching out in different forms, hoping that in the process I could find what would make me whole.

I tried personal trainers and worked myself to exhaustion. Tried talking to family and friends, but felt like everyone’s journey is individual and I was afraid to truly express myself. I interviewed a couple of psychologists and therapists, but felt it was very textbook and honestly felt afraid to express my real feelings and true self without being judged.

Then I came across you. I believe everything happens for a reason, and people come in your life for a reason. No coincidences. Instantly, I felt at ease. You are so easy to talk to and I love that you are able to connect and guide the conversation based on the energies you receive. Every session has taken me to a journey of self discovery and most importantly self acceptance. This has truly been the hardest form of personal growth, and at the same time the most healing.

No gym, beautician or doctor can create such awareness. It’s frightening, and I think I finally understand the reason why people are so afraid to look within; it’s not easy, but in all honesty it’s the lessons of self-awareness and self-love that are the most rewarding. I have learned a lot, and I’m still learning.

You have been my mentor. Through your lessons, I have become more in tuned with myself. Though at times I fall back to auto pilot, I am now more aware of it. I still have lots of growing to do. But as you taught me, I’m perfectly imperfect!

Thank you for being so understanding and always following up. For understanding me and accepting me for me and teaching me about me. Your approach is different and one of a kind. I’m learning to be happy and enjoy every moment. How to be curious and connect with my inner child. I’m learning how to take breaks and breathe. My darling I’m learning me, myself and I. I am so grateful.
— Jeymi M.

“For almost 3 decades, I have suffered from ME/CFS, a debilitating chronic illness that has left me bedridden for over 20 years. I have been to so many doctors and specialists over the years, ranging from modern medicine to all sorts of natural alternatives. I even worked with a psychologist and psychiatrist for __ years.

None of it seemed to help. I had lost all hope. The only things that were helping, was yoga with a private instructor, and massages with you when I had enough energy. You two women were different than all the other professionals trying to “cure” me. I felt an invisible string from my heart to yours, every time I saw you both.

When you asked if I would like to be one of your first coaching clients, I happily agreed. You were always so kind, warm, and joyful. Unlike any of the doctors or specialists I had worked with, with you, I always feel that I have a sincere friend in my corner that helps both my body and mind.

Whenever I express an issue, you find a way to comfort me and challenge me as well. For the first time ever, I accept myself as I am. I am learning to love this bedridden body of mine, and I can even experience joy! Once I regained hope, accepted, and forgave myself, suddenly, I could see the light at the end of my long, dark tunnel. Doctors who better understood me appeared. I have the energy and resiliency to fill out the complicated forms, learn yet another new diet, and really heal my body. With you, we’re healing my heart.

Through our coaching sessions, I have to come to trust my own intuition over what doctors tell me. I have learned to let go of worry, guilt, and grief. And when I fall back into old habits, like worrying too much about my husband, my children, or getting upset at what my sisters said, I can catch myself and use the “tools” and “medicines” I learned from you. Breathe. Smudge. Do whatever I have to do to come back to the present, and feel calm.

Thank you for always reminding me, that I am my own best doctor, and my own Guru!
— Freed <3