Me in a Nutshell: 

Born and raised in Miami, I’m a trilingual Brazilian-American woman. You could also say I’m a tree-huggin, natural product making, self healing, life loving, acupuncture school drop out, massage school graduate, reformed chonga, peace & compassion advocate. Growing up in the Magic City, I've met people from all over the world and all walks of life. I love to travel, eat well, support local farmers, expand my knowledge of permaculture, brew my own kombucha, host potlucks, enjoy the company of good friends, family, my awesome neighbors and the many women I am blessed to call my soul sisters! Most of all, I love to learn about how and why Nature (humans included) does what it does. Much of what I've learned and now teach comes from a synergy of life experiences, formal education/training, many, many books, blogs and articles.


My Background:

During my 7 years practicing massage therapy, I noticed a very common pattern in my clients. As expected in that field, people came to me with common physical complaints – tension in the neck, upper & lower back. Tired feet from standing all day. Sore shoulders from desk jobs. Tension headaches. Post-marathon fatigue. While all of these complaints can be relieved by massage, time and time again, a little inquiry would reveal the real problem. The problem that some say accounts for 90% of all doctor visits – stress!

Even though massage and aromatherapy can provide temporary relief from stress, I knew that to truly help my clients, and myself, I would need to learn more about the mental and emotional bodies, and ease my client's suffering on a deeper level. 

Since psychological discussions were common in my home, as the daughter of a psychologist, this field of study always intrigued me. While I took a few psych courses in high school, it wasn't until 2010 that I began to actively study happiness, peace and the secrets to living a life with purpose and meaning. At that time, I also began seeing a mental health counselor whom I met through BodyTalk, to help me with my own emotional struggles. I also began reading a ton of books. In 2015, I decided to pursue Life Coaching, via a One on One Intensive educational training with Master Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Shirly Joy Weiss. 


8 Fun Facts:

  • I was Ms. August in Fertile Earth Foundation's 2013 Ladies of Manure calendar (to raise compost awareness), and am still a Board Member of the organization - who proudly composts.
  • I was a field producer on a documentary about elephants in Thailand in 2010.
  • I, and 3 other volunteers, got to 'hold' a whale at the Marine Mammal Conservancy center in Key Largo, 'cause it was sick and needed to breathe. A night I will never forget.
  • I worked at Shucker's for 6 years, thankfully, long before it fell in the water.
  • At any given moment, I can bust out into a silly song and/or dance throughout the day. 
  • Dancing is the only way I enjoy washing the dishes.
  • When I was a teenager, I was convinced I was Xena Warrior Princess in a past life. (honestly, I still do, even though she was a totally fictitious character)
  • I know how to say "thank you" in 14 languages.