In a Nutshell: 

Born and raised in Miami, I’m a trilingual Brazilian-American woman. You could also say I’m a tree-huggin, natural product making, self-healing, life-loving, acupuncture school drop out, massage school graduate, reformed chonga, peace & compassion advocate. Growing up in the Magic City, I've met people from all over the world and all walks of life. I love to travel, eat well, support local farmers, brew my own kombucha, host potlucks, enjoy the company of good friends, family, my awesome neighbors and the many women I am blessed to call my soul sisters! Most of all, I love to learn about how and why Nature (humans included) does what it does. Much of what I've learned and now teach comes from a synergy of life experiences, formal education/training, many, many books, blogs and articles.


My Background:

During my 7 years practicing massage therapy, I noticed a very common pattern in my clients. As expected in that field, people came to me with common physical complaints – tension in the neck, upper & lower back. Tired feet from standing all day. Sore shoulders from desk jobs. Tension headaches. Post-marathon fatigue. While all of these complaints can be relieved by massage, time and time again, a little inquiry would reveal the real problem. The problem that some say accounts for 90% of all doctor visits – stress!

Even though massage and aromatherapy can provide temporary relief from stress, I knew that to truly help my clients, and myself, I would need to learn more about the mental and emotional bodies, and ease my client's suffering on a deeper level. 

Since psychological discussions were common in my home, as the daughter of a psychologist, this field of study always intrigued me. While I took a few psych courses in high school, it wasn't until 2010 that I began to actively study happiness, peace and the secrets to living a life with purpose and meaning. At that time, I also began seeing a mental health counselor whom I met through BodyTalk, to help me with my own emotional struggles. I also began reading a ton of books. In 2015, I decided to pursue Life Coaching, via a One on One Intensive educational training with Master Coach and Spiritual Counselor, Shirly Joy Weiss. 


8 Fun Facts:

  • I was Ms. August in Fertile Earth Foundation's 2013 Ladies of Manure calendar (to raise compost awareness), and am still a Board Member of the organization - who proudly composts.
  • I was a field producer on a documentary about elephants in Thailand in 2010.
  • I, and 3 other volunteers, got to 'hold' a whale at the Marine Mammal Conservancy center in Key Largo, 'cause it was sick and needed to breathe. A night I will never forget.
  • I worked at Shucker's for 6 years, thankfully, long before it fell in the water.
  • At any given moment, I can bust out into a silly song and/or dance throughout the day. 
  • Dancing is the only way I enjoy washing the dishes.
  • When I was a teenager, I was convinced I was Xena Warrior Princess in a past life. (honestly, I still do, even though she was a totally fictitious character)
  • I know how to say "thank you" in 14 languages.