What if life didn't have to be so stressful?


We all know how to relax - under the right circumstances. But what if you didn't have to wait until you got to schedule a spa day, go to yoga, or go on vacation to relax? What if, you could feel relaxed more often, even after a really stressful day at work? Imagine if you could actually enjoy your drive home, calmly handle difficult situations, and be able to relax anywhere - at any time! How different would your life be?

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My name is Priscilla Carolyn, and I'm a life coach who specializes in relaxation and emotional healing.

After four years of working in high end spas as a massage therapist, I saw first hand how being in a relaxing setting does not guarantee being able to relax. I've had clients paying up to $180 for a massage at one of the fanciest spas in Miami Beach, yet their bodies were unable to relax, because their mind was preoccupied with stuff. Even when I got my first massage way back when, I was surprised when the therapist told me to relax, and I was thinking, "but I am relaxed... what do you mean?" Not noticing of course, how disconnected I was from my own body.

So I began unraveling the deeper problems beneath the surface - the disconnect between peoples minds and their bodies; the mile-a-minute thoughts that never seem to stop; and the biggest culprit of all, chronic stress that seems to come at you from every which way.

Ironically, stress isn't always a bad thing. Imagine your body is like a car. Stress is the gas, and relaxation is the brake pedal. If you never take your foot off the gas, you'll eventually get into an accident - unless you're the slickest driver ever, in which case, you'll run out of fuel first and feel completely burnt out.

Learning to use the brake pedal is what I've been doing since 2010, and now you get to learn too! If you're a DIYer, check out my vlog (coming soon) or my latest creation - Meditations for People Who Suck at Meditation.

If you're like me and prefer to work one on one with a caring professional who's been there and found her way out, sign up for your first Discovery Session and find out if coaching with me is a good fit for you.


One on one coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed, super stressed, and completely lost, despite having everything you thought would make you happy? Are you stuck on an emotional roller coaster, and can't seem to break free from the cycle of crazy ups and downs?

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Vol 1 & 2 available now!

Want to learn how to meditate, but feel like you suck too much at it? Worry not, this unique series was made just for you. Maybe, you don't really suck at meditation - you've just misunderstood it.

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