What if Life didn't have to be so stressful?


We all know how to relax, under the right circumstances. But what if you didn't have to wait until you got to schedule a spa day, go to yoga, or go on vacation to relax? What if, you could feel relaxed more often, even after a really stressful day at work? Imagine if you could actually enjoy your drive home, instead of dreading your long commute?

My name is Priscilla Carolyn, and I'm a Life Coach who specializes in relaxation and emotional healing. After working as a massage therapist for over seven years, I've learned that being able to relax has much more to do with our mental and emotional state, than the circumstances around you. 

By learning how to train the mind, process emotions, and manage stress, we can bounce back from the toughest shit life throws our way, with ease, grace, and humility.

Along the way, we also learn how to make peace with our Ego, and its many manifestations: the Inner Critic/Bitch/Asshole, the Inner Parent, and much much more. This is a very emotional journey, and to be totally honest, it's not always pretty. But damn is it worth it! 

Because this personal journey of getting to know, and then make peace with ALL of you - the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly - is the path to Inner Peace. And that's what I call Radical Relaxation: being so deeply at Peace with Who You Are, Life, and the World, that nothing can hold you back, ruin your day, or hijack your happiness. 

The more individuals who experience this kind of peace, the closer we come to World Peace. As an activist at heart, this is my mission. World Peace through Inner Peace.

Want to join me, and discover the path back to your Inner Peace?

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One on one coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed, super stressed, and completely lost, despite having everything you thought would make you happy? Are you stuck on an emotional roller coaster, and can't seem to break free from the cycle of crazy ups and downs?

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chronic pain & Scar treatments

Coaching is great, but it's hard to work on mindset and emotional healing when your body is in pain. MPS Therapy is the most effective technique I've seen in my 7+ years as a massage therapist.

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